Wharton’s leadership programs are at the heart of student life. In addition to learning leadership in the curriculum, students will find many other options to develop their leadership style by analyzing and building on thier strengths, from challenging leadership ventures to sustained leadership learning in Leadership Development Workshops.

The Undergraduate Leadership Program manages the core leadership course for all Wharton undergrads – Management 100, and provides a wide variety of programming ranging from expeditionary ventures to workshops, conferences and communications training.  The undergraduate program also supports programs for rising high school seniors in the form of summer business institutes.

The Graduate Leadership Program provides students with a comprehensive leadership development experience. This is comprised of both in-class and co-curricular activities designed to enhance pre-existing skills while aiding in the formation of new competencies.
Wharton’s Center for Leadership and Change Management creates and runs many of the school’s innovative leadership experiences. Under the direction of Professor Michael Useem, one of the leading global experts on corporate leadership and change management, the Center supports leadership development at Wharton and Penn, as well as generating research projects, Wharton Leadership Conferences, and an electronic Leadership Digest with subscribers around the world.

“Leadership is at its best, when the vision is strategic, the voice persuasive, and the results tangible.”

– Michael Useem, The Leadership Moment


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